Mock Election

Students encouraged to vote during mock election
Posted on 11/11/2020
A PBJHS student casts his ballot.

Mock elections were held across campus in the lead up to last week’s Election Day in an effort to familiarize students with voting and encourage young people to participate in the democratic process once they turn 18 years old.

“We don’t care how you vote, just vote,” PBHS social studies teacher Gail Rosmarin stated, reflecting on the department’s main message to students. “Otherwise you’re allowing a smaller number of people to decide in our form of government, I tell them.”

The auxiliary gym was divided into precincts for grade levels with one table designated for staff on Tuesday, Oct. 27. Government students served as poll workers, verifying voters and handing out ‘I Voted’ stickers, and then counted the ballots, which for the most part mirrored Butler County’s choices.

In preparation for the schoolwide event, students determined where they stood on issues utilizing quiz websites such as ISideWith or Ballotpedia. Exit polling was analyzed in class afterward to identify potential trends and contemplate influences such as social media. The mock election has been a tradition of the High School since 1996, thanks in part to county officials for lending equipment to the district.

At Junior High, students voted on the presidential candidates only. The mock election was organized on Thursday, Oct. 29, by American history teacher Kathy Pattillo. She noted that she delves deeper into current events with students in "We the People," an elective based on the popular "I'm a Citizen, Too" summer enrichment.

“Our big emphasis is that, ‘We’re American, and we can have a difference in opinion,’” Pattillo explained. “There’s a good possibility our eighth graders will be voting for an actual president in the next election, so it’s important to be informed.”

The elementary schools across campus also led smaller-scale classroom activities, highlighting the purpose of holding a general presidential election every four years.


Cutline: A Junior High student casts his ballot in a voting tripod lent to the school by the Butler County Courthouse.

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