Student Announcements March 2-6

Student Announcements March 2-6
Posted on 03/01/2020

                                      FOR STUDENTS

Poplar Bluff Junior High School

March 2 through March 6, 2020



Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Track practice starts this Monday! See Coach Shell and Sowell for details.

Blitz Day

Blitz Day is this Wednesday! Don’t forget to bring your money for the Mule Shack!

Teen Leadership 2 Balloon Pop

Tuesday- Friday of next week Teen Leadership 2 will be doing a "Poppin' for Jude's" fundraiser. For $1 students can purchase a balloon to pop. Each balloon has a random prize. Prizes include:

  • Music for a day

  • No Dress in PE

  • Get out of ICU Pass

  • Phones out in Academic Lab

  • Free day in academic lab

  • bathroom/drink pass

  • $10 Starbucks Card

  • $10 Taco Bell Card

  • $10 Walmart Card 


Tuesday-Gaming Club

Thursday- D&D Club

Friday- Anime Club

Swim Club is meeting on Tuesday!  The students need a ride to and from the BRC.  (3:30-4:30)

MAP Dates

Science and  Math will test simultaneously  during the week of April 27. ELA will test the  week of May 4. Please do not be absent during those weeks.  We will have a MAP reward for those students who have perfect attendance during those two weeks.

STUCO Clean up Crew

Clean up crew this Tuesday until 3:50. Remember this is every Tuesday. We have had a lot of great teacher feedback and we have a lot that needs to be done. We only had 2 members show up last week. We NEED MORE HELP!

Thank you

STUCO would like to thank all the students who attended movie night!

HS Cheer Tryouts

Hallway Behavior

The hallways have become way too loud during passing times and in the mornings coming up from breakfast.  There is no need to shout and scream. Use inside voices or you will be asked to go back and try again until it’s an acceptable noise level.  

Student ID’s

Students must have their ID’s for lunch and breakfast or they will go to the end of the line.  ID’s are to be worn every day, all day.  


With the increase of warmer days, the potential of shorts or other attire that may not be within the school dress guidelines is coming to the forefront.  It is important to check and make sure shorts and shirts fit the guidelines for school appropriate attire before coming to school! This is for both young men as well as young ladies.  NO CROP TOPS will be allowed. If you wear them, you’ll be asked to change.

DATES TO REMEMBER- Please subscribe to the PBJHS calendar that Candace sent out!  It is updated frequently.

3/4-7th grade DC Assembly during both academic labs in 5th hour 

3/11  - 3rd quarter ends

3/11  - 7th grade  Parent Meeting for DC Trip

3/12  - Student of the Month for Elective

3/16 - 3/20- Spring Break

3/26  band recruitment concert 9:30 a.m.


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